What is Lazer Tag?

Lazer Tag is a non-contact physical game. Each player is equipped with a pack and a phaser. The Pack is a computerized vest which has embedded lights and sensors. The phaser is attached to the pack and emits a laser beam, similar to what you may have seen on Star Wars and Star Trek movies. The game takes place inside of the arena. The object of the game is to tag as many of the other players as possible in the time frame allotted. Other rules may apply depending on the type of game. A tag takes place when one person's laser beam makes contact with another person's sensor.

Where is Lazer X Located?

We are located inside Country Club Lanes at 2600 Watt Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821.
The Lazer X counter is perpendicular to Country Club Lanes main counter in the center of the building by the main doors.

How Long are the Games?

15-20 Minutes including briefing (instruction on how to play.)

Is There an Age Limit to Play?

Lazer X does not have an age limit; the child just needs to be able to fit into the equipment.

Can Parents Watch the Game?

There is not a viewing area for parents to watch, but parents are welcome to walk around the arena while the game is going on.

Are There Bases or Targets to Hit?

There is a base for each team when on team play.

Can you Run out of Ammo or Lives?

No. While playing you will have endless lives and ammo.

What Happens when you Get Tagged?

Your pack will go down for 6 seconds and the name of the person who tagged your pack will appear on your phaser.

How Do we Get to Find out our Scores?

After the game is over, you can go back to the Lazer X counter where you will see a Large Screen with the scores. You will also receive a score card with the scores.

Do you have a question that is not answered here?

Call us at 916-971-4040 -or- Email us at countryclublanes@rocketmail.com


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